Friday, March 12, 2010

On his way to the Yukon

Newton is getting a fair bit of press coverage so finding pics and details has been easier than I thought, especially with Jim, my DH, helping by sending me links he finds to stories.

Newton's wheel dogs are first in line waiting for the McGrath snack shack to open while others are snuggled under their bankies sleeping in.  

Lance Mackey shared several tips with Newton while he was mentoring him for this race.  One is the dog bootie horn. Like a shoe horn but more curved.  Marshall has it tied to his wrist so he need not put it down or drop it.  He slips the horn into a bootie, slides the bootie onto a paw, pulls up and then fastens the velcro tie.  Evidently he put 56 of these on in record time before getting his dogs into harness and putting his own parka on in a relatively warm 8 degree sunshiney morning.  (BTW it was -30 in Unalakleet on the coast this morning).

He left McGrath with happy rested ready-to-go dogs and in high spirits himself.  There's lots of pie and company at the McGrath checkpoint.

Making soup for the team in Takotna

Signing off after his dogs have been checked by the vet in Takotna.

Each year the students at the Takotna School make these ice sculptures. (That's Colleen Robertia with her team in the background).

Iknitarod News 

The Baby Mae hat is not only complete but on its way to Baby Mae.   Took my rest, knit 7 inches on the sweater (although this pic was taken when it was only 4),

finished one Spring Sock,

AND am ready to start this surprise.
My Legwarmer Pattern has been chosen by Knit Picks for its IDP program. The yarn for the sample arrived yesterday.

I'll be starting these on Sunday while the front runners are coming across the Nulato Hills to Unalakleet on the Bering Sound.

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