Monday, March 8, 2010

Into Finger Lake

In Willow before the restart.

Newton left yesterday afternoon to a cheering crowd.

He did good time into Yentna and on to Skwentna

The front runners as of a few minutes ago:
with Ally in 7th and Dee Dee in 15th.  Dee Dee does not push her dogs unless they want to go. I think she is more sensitive to their moods than some. She also does not win this race but usually places in the top 20.

Our man got into Finger Lake this morning along with several other mushers who all seem to be staying put.  I don't know if the weather has them tied down or, since most of them are rookies, they are feeling the difficulties of this race already.

edited at 8:01pm EST -  Newton has left Finger Lake.  He rested for 5h 32m and is still running 16 dogs.

My running is doing very well.  I am on schedule with my knitting but missed a trail marker and so sledded onto an unmarked snowmobile trail this afternoon for about 2.5 miles,
 then realized I wasn't on a proper trail so turned around.  This is a rookie mistake.  Sigh   
TRANSLATION:  I missed an instruction on the baby hat pattern and had to frog back 2.5 rows before I was able to carry on knitting.

As of this morning:


baby hat

Happy Dogs
BTW those booties last no more than 100 miles so the musher needs to carry or have dropped with food packages 600 - 1000 of them.

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