Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday Cathy insisted I borrow her Kodak SLR digital camera as it was languishing in its case.  Poor thing.  I had to rescue it. (Is there a Camera Rescue Society?)  I used to use and love SLRs but with film.   When I switched to digital the SLRs were just too expensive and I couldn't justify the expense at that time.  Then I just forgot about SLRs.

Carl and I explored this camera's uses over a coffee.   We tested out near and far.  Such fine detail with the Manual setting plus the M setting is also like an SLR tutorial.  NICE.  Cathy may not get this one back.  It is over 18 months old so maybe the Kodak battery disease timeframe has been passed.  We can hope.
Now I can again take pics.  Thank you Cathy.

The bunnies are very into each other.   They have lots of play and running space so really don't need me or Jim for much except our servant duties - food, cleaning and brushing.  I have been very disappointed in the fact that neither one will willingly come to us or sit in our laps.  Char, the bunny maven, says I am way too permissive.  She is right.  Our cats and dogs never act like this.  We have been trying by peaceful example to get them to be positive around us.  Jim eats breakfast by them and reads out there whenever it is mild, like today.   I feed them and clean up but they usually make themselves scarce during those times.  Maybe they don't want to be given chores, who knows?

However they do need to be groomed and I have had it with the 'if I am nice to them, they will love me" routine.   Today we captured each one, one at a time.   We started with Gummy. Jim held her while I brushed and brushed.   Her coat is gloriously beautiful--- all silver and black with blue grey fluff.  Very fine fluff but she rarely gets a matt.  Her ears went up fairly quickly but she was always alert to any relaxing on Jim's part and then would try to jump  down.   In the past I have allowed her to do that but today I said, 'No.  You will go down when I say so."   Amazingly she cooperated and when she was let down did not go far.

Then it was Keeper's turn.  Keeper is easily startled and always runs when even Basel comes outside.  Today we got her picked up and as soon as Jim held her she relaxed.  Keeper's fluff is finer and longer than Gummy's but also matts in the blink of an eye.  She picks up hay easily which seeds matts.  I clipped and carefully cut a lot from her rear area.  Oh my, her little grey tail is still there!  I brushed and brushed and brushed with clouds of fluff in the air until Jim started to sneeze and his eyes ran.   Then he passed the quiet one over to me.   She sat nicely for more brushing

Notice the basket of fluff on the right and the fluff in my hair.

and then I got my reward.

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