Monday, October 19, 2009

Easy Share No More

I thought my digital camera was all fixed.  It worked for two days after charging the new battery.  Then in the midst of taking pics of Jim's new folding stool it quit.   Just folded itself up and that was that.  So we went through the whole move the battery around, plug it in thing.   At first it would not take any power, then it seemed to so I left it alone to charge for 24 hours, unplugged it and packed it in my Rhinebeck satchel and off we went.

One, read that ONE, shot into the trip, when I was taking an early 6:30 am shot of a busload of knitters and spinners and crocheters, it folded itself up to never work again.   That's right, no matter how much fiddling I did, the camera just would not operate.   Ayne generously loaned me her Canon for the day however, so I merrily went off to do my thing rummaging in booths and finding finds.

Somewhere still in the first two hours of the Rhinebeck Rummage, Ayne's camera said it had run out of battery.   I carefully put it away thinking I must have very bad battery mojo.

Today the camera was taken in to Staples where I purchased the new battery last week.  Their Easy Tech person looked it over, got the same one green blink, 4 red that I sometimes get, thought for a bit, then decided to try out a a Universal Charger just in case the problem was with the camera's cord.  Two hours later we didn't even get those green and red blinks.  The manager helpfully gave me Kodak's 800 number.

Kodak has an extension number for just this problem so it must be a common one I am assuming. That's not too reassuring.  I spoke with a nice young man whose command of English was very good.  However even his understanding of what I told him did not fix the camera. Nothing I can do will make it work.  It is also more than a year old so out of warrantee.

These are my options:
Send it in for service.  That will cost $60 plus $10 s/h plus applicable tax.  Take into account I spent $29.99 on a new battery last week and we are now approaching new camera price range, if low end.

Second option they gave me was to receive a coupon for 25% off a new Kodak camera if purchased online from them.   The coupon will not arrive for 3-7 days. Obviously they are not anxious for me to have more Kodak moments right away.

Do I really want another Kodak?  Would another brand do better and last more than 2 years?


Linda D said...

I love my Canon Elph. I had one for several years, well out of warranty when it got a bizarre problem. Canon paid for postage, replaced it with a refurbed one which was a newer model and couldn't have been nicer! They seemingly last forever, the new one is a couple of years old now and no problems. They aren't terribly expensive either!

Adrienne said...

I've only had Kodaks. The first one (DC-50) I bought in 1997/98 still works. However, I will say the newer point & shoot cameras are much flakier than the ones they made ~5 years ago. I hear good things about Canon and Nikon!

Denise said...

I have a Sony Cybershot. It works great and I have had it over a year and a half. I put rechargeable batteries in it and have a memory card as well which is really nice for more pics.

Julie said...

I have a Fuji F650 that I have been very happy with for years. Research online - look for reviews of whichever cameras you're considering. Good luck!