Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Boys Toys

Monday morning while I was working in the dyeing room my attention was alerted by that really annoying beeping noise machines make when they back up.  I looked out and this is what I saw.
The Newfield Highway Department had returned to pick up the logs left by the fallen tree.  Jim and I were surprised and very pleased as we thought the remaining logs were our job.  I was so amazed by the work these guys were doing I stopped everything to gawk and take pictures.

This is Brian sawing up the downed tree.

Brian again, almost under the Gradall, which was expertly run by Kenny. The two of them barely seemed to communicate yet worked together as a wonderful team.  Kenny could put that bucket, which turned any way he wanted, any where he wanted.

When they had most of the downed tree in the dump truck I looked up and up and up and asked it they were going to take the topped tree as well.   Brian said, "Might as well, while we are here."

So they made a notch near the base of its trunk to help the tree fall across the road instead of somewhere more dangerous.

Then Kenny maneuvered the bucket part of the Gradall between other trees and behind the one coming down and pulled.

Perfect landing.


Back before we had rural delivery we went down every day to our little Trailer Post Office in West Danby to pick up our mail.  We therefore had to nail our address to a tree so folks could find us. Rural delivery has been a regular courtesy for many years now so the tree marks the end of an era.

The driveway view now as compared to a few days ago.

And wha la --- the new mailbox with a resurrected post courtesy of temporarily one-armed Jim.

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