Saturday, October 24, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night.

A little after nine last night I went upstairs to get myself ready for bed.  Before I turned the light on I noticed headlights at the end of our driveway so I just stayed still to see who was here so late.  I waited and watched and finally saw a shadow go toward our mailbox and then return to the car.  "Aha", I thought, "Someone putting political flyers out for the local election."  Then I saw a tall dark figure walking down our driveway.  I read way too many mysteries for my own good.

I went back down the stairs, turned on the porch light, told Jim someone was coming and then turned on the side stairs light too.  Jim went out holding his heavy cane and called to whomever.  I heard a faint voice and then Jim answering but was still clueless except for him asking if the person wanted us to call someone.  Then Jim asked him if he knew how go around?   Huh?

Jim came back in and explained that our road was blocked by a downed tree.  Considering how windy and rainy it was and with so much shaking going on I was not surprised.  I was actually pleased that at least this tree did not knock out our electricity as the last 2 on our road did.   I called the Newfield Town Barn and was told someone would be out soon.   Sure enough within half an hour a pickup truck with blinking lights was parked near the end of our driveway.

Meanwhile I had gone back upstairs still holding the book I was reading that I had gone up with the first time (have you read the Miles Vorkosigan series?  Oh my, 13 well written interesting exciting books in this addiction.)   I heard chain saws and saw shadows from the truck headlights.  I could see two men going back and forth for at least 30-40 minutes.  The play with the blowing tree branches, darkness, shadows and blinking and still lights was a good show.  I did think about going out to kibbitz and find out just what had come down but my tiredness and the weather negated my impulse.

This morning I donned a raincoat and went out to the leaf covered driveway.  Before I even got to the end I could see what had happened.  A large tree from our side of the road came down and took out part of another large tree plus part of our lilacs and smashed the mailbox besides blocking the road.   I spent quite a while clearing branches off our driveway, then went in to get the new-to-me camera to photograph this latest weather extravaganza.   Guess what?  The battery had not recharged from my computer.  Shoot and major shoot.  I am sorely tired of this stuff.   What's with me and camera batteries?

So I got Jim up just to have some company but really for him to tell me what to buy at Lowes.  I knew a new mailbox but did we need a new post  and framework too?  Jim said he could salvage the post and certainly had plenty of wood in his shop for the rest.

So Jim went on shop duty, as I am open on Saturdays from 11-3, and I went in to town.  I stopped at Lowes first to purchase another Jumbo mailbox.  Sadly they only come in black.  I then must have spent half an hour choosing spray paint.   I came away with a nice pale turquoise and some textured copper paint.  It is supposed to be mild tomorrow and partly sunny so I am planning the spray for then.  I have overnight to think of just how I want to do it.  I may leave it plain but then again.......

Next I went to Staples.  My new friend, Junior the Easy Tech guy, was there.  I showed him the SLR Kodak and told him what I had tried.  In case the problem was Mac to camera he tried charging from the USB cord with a PC.   Same result.  Well that's some relief.   Then we started looking at Kodak battery chargers, least expensive and up.  The first two would not fit but the third and last did. While we were looking Cathy called saying she had found the original charger but since she was on her way to Auburn it would not do me much good today but she did suggest I get an extra rechargeable battery to have as back up.   Good idea.  That last Kodak charger also works in the car so seems more useful than the original one.  I also purchased some Godiva chocolate to charge my very own batteries.

The person in front of me on line waiting for Junior was asking about her PC laptop battery and why it was not charging.  The person after me had a small digital camera that would not charge.  Does anyone know which planet is in charge of batteries and whether or not it has gone retrograde?

 I am home having consumed all the Godiva.  First thing back I wrenched open the packaging and plugged in the new equipment.  Now the new battery is charging.  I has been charging for well over an hour.  I will be patient.  I will be patient.  I will be patient.

Meanwhile while I was looking the new charger over I noticed it would also charge the battery from my other Easy Share camera.  Now wouldn't that just be a fine thing?   A small one to take on trips and the SLR for close up and web use?  We shall see.

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