Friday, October 16, 2009

More than an Inch

Well, gosh darn it, if those weather people weren't wrong again.   Why do we give them so much air time?

Here's that hosta from yesterday.

Snow is rather pretty on leaves.  We are sure glad it is warming up to almost 40, allowing the snow to fall off before the weight of it all breaks more branches.  This pic was taken after it had been dripping for over an hour.  Doesn't near show you what we woke up to this morning which was inches of new wet white stuff sitting on branches and leaves and railings.  The sumac were particularly impressive with red berries sticking out.  There is so much coming down off the trees it feels like a localized snow storm.  Even had to shovel off the steps.  Yikes!  I checked, it is still October.

And the buns are insouciant (I got that word from Cat Bordhi's new book).

1 comment:

Benita said...

Well, it is pretty. But I can wait until December to see snow.

Of course, this means indoor activities - like drinking hot cider and getting comfortable with a fibery project.