Thursday, April 29, 2010


At the April Blacksheep Handspinner's Guild Meeting Sharon asked me to join her and Audrey on a fast trek to the MD Sheep and Wool Festival.  Gosh I was tempted. But I had a vending to prepare for and just could not get my head around a quick in and out trip at that time.   On Wednesday, Audrey called to ask me again.  I was tempted, very tempted but decided to wait to say yes or no.   I must be growing up -- actually thinking instead of jumping in with both feet.

Jim thought it would be a good idea for me to get away -- not take a computer and just have some fun with friends.  That does sound good but it is such a fleeting trip I was put off at first.  However the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea.

1- I have never been to the Festival.
2- It is an opportunity to relax, knit, eat crabs and knit.
3- I have never been to this famous festival.
4- I could knit and not be responsible for animals or email.
5- It is supposed to be in the 80's down there.
6- An opportunity to play with Sharon and Audrey.
7- I am not in charge.

But I was just with a zillion people at Artistry in Thread last weekend.  hmmmnnn

Then this morning I read this.

Take the time today to do something wonderful. Take the time to do something that reminds you of how precious and beautiful life is.

Those urgent matters that seem so important are really not, when compared to the unique miracle that is your life. Take the time today to feel truly alive.

Look closely, with your heart, and see magnificence in the smallest and simplest of things. Instead of trading all your time for money or ego boosters, invest a little time in being genuinely at peace.

You cannot schedule life's richness for later. Yet you can always enjoy it now.

Let yourself live that richness. Joyfully give in to the longing of your spirit.

Feel the immensity of existence. Be the beauty that you know you are.
Ralph Marston

What am I waiting for?

So I called Sharon and said I'd go.  Her response was, "Oh yes, now it will be a party!"

Jim will drop me off at Wegmans to meet her at 9:15.  We will drive together about 40 minutes to Audrey's and then all pile into one car to share fun and driving while knitting (well 2 can knit while one drives).  Audrey has done this trip many times.  She has a plan and sticks to it.   So we will drive down and get to Maryland in the afternoon, check into our motel and then go eat at the Crab Shack.  That alone could get me to go. (When I go to RI one of my favorite things is eating dinner with my sister at a Clam Shack)

Saturday morning we'll get up very early so we are at the gates by 8.  Audrey says that by noon the crowds are so thick we will want to leave.  So about 4 hours to experience this fibery heaven should do us for the first round ( both Sharon and I are newbies to this show).  I know from Rhinebeck not to try to see it all, just a few things in mind will do.  I want to get some really nice black alpaca roving to spin for the September Finger Knittin' kits.  That should keep me focused.

I have my knitting ready.
At the top is a face cloth being knit for the Global Knits project for Haiti.  
Bottom left to right ->  a baby sweater for charity, the potential of some baby hats for a friend expecting twins and some socks for me from Clematis Vine Woody.  I figure I might have enough projects for 10 hours in the car plus Friday evening.  Anyway, the potential for completing some UFO's is definitely possible.

See what the baby hat can be?  I made this one for Bob's new grandson out of Bernat Baby Stretch (acrylic, cotton, and elastic) from a free pattern on Ravelry.  The beauty of this yarn is its ease of use and its stretchability.  The hat will fit Owen for months rather than weeks.  I know, I know, acrylic, arghhhh-- but this yarn is such a delight and for new mothers definitely easy to care for.

So a travelin' I do go.  The potential for fun seems high.

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Paige said...

I posted some recently spun Roses For You on my blog a couple of days ago if you want to take a look - beautiful colors!