Sunday, April 4, 2010

Magic Sunday

Tuesday night we had a wicked storm with rain, hail, sleet, ice and snow.  The temps dropped down to 10 degrees and then on Thursday they flew up into the 80's!!!  Waaaay too hot too fast but it is merely in the 50's today. Nice.
These pansies were out in both kinds of weather and look fantastic today.

Then all of these wonderful blooms greeted me in the glorious sunshine this morning.

It's only the beginning of April yet it is looking a lot like spring around here.

Meanwhile a new pattern for the new Blue Lagoon Woody yarn has been budding inside my head and blossomed today.
I have been working on a moebius cast on.  One that is easier than Cat Bordhi's and I think I have it!
See how it twists resulting in one surface and one edge?  

Leftover sock yarn comes in mighty handy for pattern and swatch experiments as I can add one onto another without worrying about dyelot or colorway.

This stitch pattern did not make the cut.

But I do believe this one will.

I can't see much difference between the two parts except that US5 measures out at 30 sts to 9 inches and the US7 at 30 sts to 10 inches.  Don't you think I might as well go with the larger needles for a quicker project?

Then Jim came home from church via Wegman's with this.  Silver suggests it's a bunny snack.

Glorious Magical Day.

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Silver said...

Very interesting mobius!
And he brought you a snack. You ARE going to eat it, arent you?