Thursday, April 15, 2010


 My lease is up.  It always comes sooner than I am ready.  I love my car.  It's a Black Honda Pilot EX into which I can cram a whole day's worth of vending supplies. I call him Rangeman (some of you may get the allusion to Stephanie Plum's sometime employer/amour).  AAMOF I wanted to purchase it but the cost would be more than I am paying a month now for 4 more years.  arghhhh.  I know this car will need new tires next winter and front brakes too so an exchange is timely.

Plus, since this will be my third lease with Honda they are treating me really well.  I can get a 2011 Pilot for the same amount I paid for the 2007 Rangeman. The 2011 car is a little bit bigger (nice for vending) and, I can plug my ipod in and listen to books without making CD's.  I asked about the 2011 over a 2010 since it is still only April of 2010.  The odd answer is that the Pilots are not selling very well (Geez, wonder why? Could it be the economy?  Well Sarah Palin wouldn't think so.) so they are doing some kind of deal whereby the 2011 cars have a lower sticker price than the 2010's.  I still don't get it but since I will be a happy recipient of their need to sell I am not complaining.

So we are now in exchange mode.
A person from a third party place is coming tomorrow to inspect the car for dings and scratches and other things that might have happened to my sweet car in 3 years.  When I leased from a bank I was charged for every ping and ding but with Honda having a $1500 turn in allowance for those kinds of things I do believe all will be well.

However they want the car as clean as possible.  To that end I took it to the big carwash yesterday for the full treatment.   Rangeman looked sexy for maybe 2 hours.  I live on a dirt road.  When I had a white car it never looked as brown as this black one normally does.

Today when I brought the shop vac out to suck up the winter's worth of leaves, dirt, gravel, dog hair, fiber and detritus it was already covered in a fine layer of brown dust.  "That's OK", I thought, "as it is supposed to rain today."   20 minutes into the vacuuming the 'rain' started.  I brought everything inside just in time for the sprinkle to cease.
This is what the outside of my newly washed and cleaned Pilot looks like.
Please join me in hoping for some real rain tonight.

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