Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Color Me Color

Color is an important part of my life.  You might say color is my bread and butter.  It sure is a big part of Spinning Bunny.   I love color, am affected by colors in different ways and even color coordinate my underwear to my clothing (gasp).  I once refused to stay in a motel because the orange carpeting and bedspread was so loud and ugly I couldn't calm down.  (I guess I have something in common with Jacob Hunt - House Rules)

  Jim and I had a great drive up to Rochester in the spring sunshine enjoying the early flowers and newly budding trees.  We arrived and were greeted by Roy P who has now sold me 3 cars (well 3 car leases). He took us out in a 2010 Black Pilot EX for a sweet test drive.
  The new model has a lot of features that I will really love, including even more ways to make my seat comfortable. It drives easier yet is more sturdy and little bit bigger. It also has this neat thing that shuts down cylinders if it decides I can drive with less.  That will save gas.   It also has lots of cubbies to stash away tie downs and other misc garbage um essentials.  It does have an mp3 plug but not a USB.  That only comes on the model that is $5000 more.  No thanks.
Oh and it has dual temperature control.  Jim and I are always disagreeing on the temp in the car.  Soon he can set his side of the car for whatever temp and fan he wants.

Now you may remember from my previous post on this issue that even though I think the black car is sexy, it is only clean enough to look sexy for about 2 hours after a wash.  And I have been wanting a white car since I gave in my white CRV.  Last time the nearest white Pilot was in Texas so I went with my second choice - black.  No more black.

As we were going into the showroom after the test drive, Roy informed me he had looked for white ones as he knew they were my first choice. This time there were no white Pilot EXs to be had.  More expensive ones in white, for sure, but not the model I wanted.  sigh
Honda is not a wild company.  They are rather conservative.  I looked through the book of samples and saw that for myself.  The interior color choices are beige, almost taupe grey or almost black.

  The exterior choices are white, black, deep blue, black cherry, silver or pewter.  Jim liked a lot of those.  I think my sister would have too.  But me, sheesh.  Not much choice left.  So I had them look for a pewter with black interior.
Can you guess the results?   Only pewter with the grey were available.  I almost sucombed but thought, "This is a lot of money for something I think is boring? ugh. No."

Roy had them look again, but 20 minutes later there were still none.  Well actually there were the possibility of two.  However they had due dates of April 27 and 28th.  I need to take delivery of the car before May 1 to get this current deal.  No its not some scam.  It's a short term special on Pilots.  Those two cars might be delayed and then what?  At this current deal I am paying the same for a 2011 as I paid for the 2007 I am turning in.  

I went outside and looked at the blue one.  Well it is nice, but it will show mud and dirt almost as well as the black one and blue is boring to me.  I won't even consider the silver.  Then I saw a black cherry model.  I had looked online and did not like the brightness of it but in reality it is much darker, closer to my Black Cherry tonal.

So we have ordered a Black Cherry with black interior.  It will be delivered late next week with a half price cargo liner as a bonus to seal the deal.

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