Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Iditarod/Iknitarod Days 1-3

The mushers are exlaiming about how difficult the trail is for the mushers and the sleds.  They say the dogs are having a great time though as it isn't boring and the terrain without much snow is easy to run on, but hard on booties.  Nic Pettit damaged a knee and his $2000 sled is a mess.  Aaron Burmeister also damaged a knee and lost his team for a bit there.  Martin Buser banged up an ankle somewhere along the trail.  He's not sure if it was the Gorge or the Steps as he didn't stop until the next checkpoint.  One musher said the race is so fast this year because where there isn't dirt there is ice so no drag and virtually no stopping either.  DeeDee Jonrowe has scratched in Rohn after a hellish descent that banged her up considerably.  Some mushers that have made it into Nikolai are saying that  other mushers might think twice about continuing.  The ones in front think the trail might be a bit easier from now on.  We shall see.  www.iditarod.com

Those of us doing this race from our chairs indoors are clicking away.
I started with Jim's socks, done only to the gussets.

and now both are at the cuffs.

I also decided to make a pair of Iknitatitties, in bright pink, to honor DeeDee Jonrowe who survived a double mastiectomy and has been mushing for 30 years in this race. So sorry she has scratched (only the 3rd time in all these years).
One is done and the other is halfway completed.
And that screen shows the Iditarod home page back up after what is being called a 'nefarious group' (we all know who that is but are refusing to say their names so they don't get publicity) hacked into their system crashing the site for most of the Offical Restart Sunday evening.

A most exciting race continues.

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