Sunday, March 16, 2014

Iknitarod Summary - Day by Day from 3 -15

Managed to get about a quarter of a Iknitatitty done day three plus got the second sock to the cuff. Background image is of the Finger Lake Checkpoint 3/3.

Over the Mountains
Finally got the hang of knitting and reading at the same time. I learned with the Iknitatitties. Size 6 needles with worsted and mostly stockinette. I'm so pleased to have crossed that barren land to smooth going. Also got 2 inches of cuff done on Jim’s socks while listening to a book. 3/4

Heading west
Actually completed both Iknitatitties and sent them on to the Cancer Resource Center here in Ithaca. 3/5

The Yukon
One of Jim’s socks is now completed. 7 more inches on the other should do it. Then I get to spin and start a new cowl pattern. The cowl may turn into a KAL. We shall see. 3/6

Yukon to the Coast
Looks like Martin Buser will be sledding down to the coast today. 3/7
My accomplishments for Day 6 don’t look like much as most of it got frogged. I did sample swatch, after sample swatch, after sample swatch, trying to get a good combo of patterns going for an infinity cowl. Actually some didn’t even make it past a few rows or even out of my Moleskine graph book.
These are the two that won the First Into Typed on the Computer Award sponsored by Lillie and LouAnne who supervised it all from the windowsill where they could keep an eye on the turkeys too. They gave me a dead mouse for a prize. sigh

Sliding to the Coast 
 Aliy Zirkle - First to the Coast Award
It’s an exciting and fast race this year. Who of the top five will get to Nome first is anyone’s guess. Icy ribbon coming into UNK is way better than frozen tullocks. Wonder what the route along the coast will be as the sea ice seems to be either unstable or not there? KAL prototype is coming right along.

Icy Ribbons
 I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I had hoped. Took my 8 hour rest instead. Wanted to complete the second sock but still have 3 inches to go. Also need to start spinning the bfl/silk in Alaska On My Mind. Since Wednesday looks to be a big snow day (10-18 inches predicted) I am sure I will do a lot of mushing then and catch up with the pack. 
One of John Baker's Dogs

  Have my WIP, the socks, finished. The infinity cowl is planned out and started. So 3 out of my 4 challenge items are done. The spinning of some fiber into yarn is left. Had planned that for Wednesday before I knew this race would break speed records. However, since we are having a storm on Wed, spinning will be the perfect Iknitarod activity. 
I think a lot of today will be spent watching the Insider or the Nome Web Cam as the top 10 and 20 come into Nome. 
Dawn on Norton Sound
Major upset.  
Jeff King scratched within 20 miles of Nome in a ground blizzard with winds at 65 knots.  

It's not over until it's over
Not near the same weather as on the AK coast but sheesh it’s NY for heaven’s sake, not Canada. 8-13 inches forecasted!!!! I hate March snow storms as they are so warm and heavy. We have the generator ready for the inevitable loss of power.
So the AK on My Mind fiber is ready to for spinning during our Snow Day. Hope to get 3 oz done. 
Aliy Zirkle smiling after her third 2nd Place Finish in a row.  She was just happy to have not been blown off the Sea Ice into the Golovin Bay.

Middle of the Pack coming into Nome
What an exciting and interesting race this is. Such stories. 
Love seeing the musher's children added to the sleds on Front St & riding in to the arch. 

Remember the Libby Riddles Story? Very similar weather. She snuck out leaving the other mushers in the shelter and forged on alone to win the race. 
Libby welcoming Hans Gatt into Nome.  Half the fiber is spun into singles.

Back of the Pack
330 yards of alpaca/merino/silk now spun and plied and ready for ‘blocking’. 
Heading into White Mountain for a well deserved 8 hour rest. 
Picture is of coming into White Mountain checkpoint.

Last Mushers In To Nome

Monica Zappa rookie, 2nd from Last.

Lisbet Norris, rookie,  next to last, running Sibes

and Marcelle Fressinau, rookie,
Red Lantern Winner coming in (see lower left)

The Lantern Has Been taken down.  
All the pups have been fed treats and bedded down in kennels and straw with handlers watching over them.
Well deserved Banquet is tonight.

Now to deal with Iditarod/ Iknitarod Withdrawal.

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