Friday, February 28, 2014


A few months ago one of our regular Wednesday night knitters was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Fortunately they were able to get it all and she is doing very well.  However we felt helpless and didn't know what to do until one of our members found Titbits on Knitty.

Huh?  Well they are knitted prostheses to put into bras so women who have mastectomies can also look balanced or wear a bra with two to feel more 'normal'.  We immediately glommed onto this idea and made quite a few while knitting at Panera's.  When we presented ours to Deb (along with matching undies that we purchased :^)  Remember those Day of the Week undies from when you were little?) she loved them and as soon as she healed a bit started wearing them.

BTW we have modified the pattern a bit, of course.  We found the stone inside made them a bit lopsided and the Icord nipple needed to be quite a bit smaller.  We also went with the one piece option over sewing the back on.

Then Deb spoke to someone at the Cancer Resource Center, in Ithaca, who said they would like to have them there too.  Aimee also contacted them and now our Titbits, in all sizes and colors, are available for free to anyone needing them in our area.

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Peacecat said...

Wonderful service! These are a fun and fanciful way to care for post surgery women. Good job!