Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Sagas, Part II

Part II is the ROOF - first installment

Saturday night we heard a loud crashing on the roof.  Looked outside but didn't see anything unusual so decided it was ice letting loose and crashing down to the next roof level as we have several levels of rooves.  In the morning this is what I found when I opened my closet door.

aiyyyyyyyyyyyy and this is what the roof looks like.

We called State Farm and within 2 hours a guy from Service Master was here.  Meanwhile Joanne helped me to empty most of the closet in preparation. Once he was here we decided that a tarp would not last the winter as metal rooves are notoriously difficult to nail things to so he took down all the shelves and insulation and put up heavy plastic to funnel the melted snow into what he called a bucket.

Alas, I am realizing just how much 'stuff' one can pile into a closet as it is now all over the bedroom.

On Wednesday the adjuster came and spent quite a bit of time looking over the damage, although because of the ice and snow he did not go up to the roof.  We all agreed that a patch of some kind was needed ASAP or more damage would occur when it rained or in a snowstorm.  BTW he also gave us a very nice check even after our $1000 deductible was taken out.  Jim called some guys and they are due today.
Well the guys got here and said that this was the third roof this week they were working on.  Alas it is so cold nothing is sticking so our idea of using Black Jack and a patch would not work.  Jim is buying the metal panel this weekend and the guys will be back Monday to actually replace the panel.  Of course we are having a snow storm this weekend so the 'bucket' may get rather filled but there is light at the end of this tunnel too.
This picture is sideways for some reason but shows the part of the tree still standing and the snow coming down.  Don't know how I did the animation and the snow is sideways too.  :^)

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