Sunday, December 15, 2013

Amazing, after all these years

I've always avoided sleeves on sweaters.  Well not always, as I do make sweaters, but the sleeves are the worst part for me.  I don't care if the sweater is top down, or bottom up or steeked, the sleeves are the fiddliest parts and are about a third of the knitting too.  This may be why I tend toward short sleeved cardis and sweaters, especially with a top down one as once you move the sleeve stitches to waste yarn there is very little left to do on them.

I really dislike sewing them onto an armhole opening so usually do them in the round once the body of the sweater is completed.  This necessitates lifting the entire sweater and twisting it all around about every 20 stitches so that it doesn't become tangled and hard to knit. Think about it, *knit 20 stitches, lift the entire sweater, do not get it on the table, twist it all while hanging onto the sleeve end and not getting the yarn tangled, then put it down again, avoiding the coffee/tea cup*, knit 20 stitches....and repeat ad infinitum between the asterisks.  I find myself avoiding this part big time,  which really messes with Holiday Knitting deadlines.

So there I was grousing at the fact that I soon had to do this with sleeve #2 when I finally decreased the first sleeve to the cuff area and switched to 2 circs.  I think in the past I may have used dpns as the revelation seemed new to me, not something I forgot.  So I am busy ribbing and noticed that all I need do is turn the sleeve first one way, then the other when I pick up the second set of circs.  Delightfully I needn't lift the entire sweater. I did that several times until it finally dawned on me that I could do the entire sleeve on 2 circs and avoid all that sweater lifting and twisting.

This old dog just learned a new trick!

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