Sunday, December 22, 2013

Almost done

All the presents that needed mailing have gone out, including the one with dry ice.  That's a whole 'nother saga but I don't want the recipient to know about it yet.  One present yet to finish knitting (we are not discussing wrapping).  Had some tea and energy and just boogied along until I got to end of the instructions last night to find it said, "Using a flat seam, join sole and back seams." arghhhhhh

I hate seams.  I am no good at seams.  They look lousy when I do them.  As a result I design without them or use live stitch kitchener grafting instead.   However this is a pattern I chose for Fondle This 2014 so I wanted to test it out and what better way than to use some of Jim's chunky handspun and make a nice present.  The pattern is Non-Felted Slippers by Yuko Nakamura.

What's eerie is that Debbie, at Knit Knite, was working on a pair.  There must be hundreds of slipper patterns on Ravelry, yet we both chose the same one. Great minds.  vbg    I was so pleased to see how hers were turning out.  That spurred me on to finishing, wrapping and mailing the big knitted present so I actually could.

I wrote an email to my Knit Knite group bemoaning the fact that Ruth was no longer with us to do my seams up for me.  Becki suggested lots of chocolate but I don't think there is enoough.  Woe is me.  Ruth made extra money finishing knitted garments for folks and always  did any seams I needed doing. I was verily spoiled.  Now that she has passed I guess I either have to learn how or completely avoid them.  My preference is avoidance.

So while I was in the avoidance mode I decided that I would start the next slipper with a provisional cast on so I could kitchener it together at the end [and here I was just going to follow along and not do any changing.  Sheesh. I must be constitutionally not able to do that.] Kitchenering seems way easier.  Those ideas led me to thinking about picking up the cast-on stitches and kitchenering it anyway instead of flat seaming.  So I got out some US 4's (slippers are done on US9's) and picked up edge stitches, lots of edge stitches.
And this morning, with a fresh mind, I slowly worked the picked up stitches off the two small needles, realizing as I went along that a provisional would have been way faster and easier but that this cobbled method was infinitely better than my seaming.
One done, one to go folks!

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