Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ack! Ayyyyi

My first reaction after seeing this photo of the president's motorcade in Denver was "Ack! Snow already!  Glad I don't live there."

But merely a day and over 2000 miles east I drove home to:
Those were happy Hostas earlier in the day.

And the next morning we were greeted with:
 snow on oak leaves

and bent over lilacs still in leaf.

All this is incredibly pretty but the weight of very wet 'warm' snow on leaves still attached to trees tends to knock said trees over and down electric lines.  Jim went out early Saturday morning to make sure we had enough gas for our generator as another 5 inches were predicted.  Sure enough areas of the Northeast are still without power although the predicted 5 fortunately turned into only 1, for us.

That was several days ago, yet we still have a few patches of snow on the ground and the temps have  turned decidedly toward winter.  So much for the wooly bear's prediction of a moderately long fall.

The good parts are that the bunnies are very happy and I am in a frenzy of knitting and spinning (when the kittens are sleeping).

Inspired by my visit to the Atlantic Ocean coast a pattern called Newport Shawl has been written and knit.  It's a modified Faroese style and features shell stitch patterns.  This newest creation is in consideration for submission to a magazine so therefore must remain off the internet until decided.  Although one can find it in my shop with some specially dyed, ocean colored, tightly spun, 3 ply, blue face, light fingering yarn.  Come on over for First Saturday this weekend and see it in person.

However a new colorway was also inspired and is hereby announced.

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kaystir said...

Speaking as a person that has lived both in Denver and in Ithaca, I would choose Denver during the winter. The sun comes out almost everyday and melts a lot of the snow away. :)

I like your new colorway.