Sunday, October 23, 2011


I love rewards, built-in, specified and any size.  Check marks, while small are rewards too as they add up to earning something bigger eventually.

Once our mother was safely enscounced in her new residence on Thursday evening, Ellen and I headed due south, across RI to Newport and my first reward......
I LOVE this bridge.  I have for many years.  I like its lines and the meaning it has for me.  When I see it and go over it I am approaching my sister's home and a lovely vacation for a few days.

Staying with my sister in Newport is so relaxing, peaceful and pleasant.  She is incredible at making small spaces seem large, airy and beautiful.
In the morning I was greeted by lovely sunshine and Maks, the miracle cat.  Maks was hit by a car a couple of years ago, was in ICU for several days, lost the use of one eye, broke his pelvis and still came back so that you really cannot tell he was injured.  Maks now walks with a leash instead of going about the neighborhood on his own but his life is good and he is loved.
Each time I visit he seems to adopt me.  He sleeps on my bed, purrs and asks me to pet him.  My sister gets jealous as he is rather aloof otherwise but, I have hopes that he will transfer some of his attention to her this time.

On Friday, after making sure our mother was doing well we rewarded me with a trip to a Yarn Shop.  The one I picked out was half a mile from Tamarisk so an easy trip.  We went back and forth on its block and the ones next to it, then asked someone for the shop, to no avail.  Then we called Manmade by Jonne and was told he had not been there for 5 years (sheesh, the old one is the address google is giving out!).  Jonne did not seem amenable to giving us directions so we decided to try out the shop in Newport.  It is on Thames Street all the way down.  The time was after 5 but lots of tourists were walking about so we knew it would still be open.  This one was exactly where it was supposed to be with easy parking.  We both went inside as I wanted my sister to choose the color for her new socks.  I immediately found the fingering but it was only acrylic Sirdar so I asked the owner.  She said she had sock yarn right over here on this display.  I looked and found what I already had, wool and more wool. Not acceptable to me or my sister.  Major Darn.  The shop has lots of room but basic yarns and a great selection of novelty yarns, both new and old.  
Alas, the plan for a pair of socks for my sister,  made on this trip, had to be scratched.  I could have been bummed but....

back in the car my sister offered a drive along the Newport shoreline as a substitution. It is also a reward.  Having grown up spending many summer days on an Atlantic beach in Brooklyn, the ocean brings back great memories and feelings of awe at its rawness, majesty and power.

That evening we watched a Hugh Laurie Video of the taping of his album Let Them Talk.  It was a perfect ending to our day, listening to wonderful heartfelt blues.  AAMOF I immediately downloaded the album to my iPod and listened to it on the drive from Newport back here to Southbury.

On Saturday we spent more time at Tamarisk but left before dinner knowing our mother was in excellent hands, safe, secure and occupied with new friends.  We had reservations at our favorite restaurant, The Lobster Pot in Bristol, the final reward to us for a job well done -  Steamers, lobster bisque, lobster salad, dark bread, wine, crackers and cheese and more ocean views. 

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Heather said...

Sounds like your mother will be very happy, and your reward system is great! I envy you the ocean, so beautiful, my soul is empty without it near.