Saturday, August 6, 2011

FIRST First Saturday

I was very nervous, what if I threw a party and no one came?  Then it started raining.  Yup, real rain, steady, soft with temps in the 70's.  So I worried if we had too many people for the shop they couldn't sit out on the deck or on the wet chairs out front either.  You know, worrying is so unproductive you'd think I would know that by now.

Well several someones did come and we had a blast.  I haven't gotten so much easy spinning done in one afternoon in a long time. Only a few folks knew each other, but we had wool in common and that does bond us easily.  I had a Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book downloaded and ready for the speakers but we spoke to each other so well folks did not want to get quiet to listen.

Rochester, Endicott, Newfield and Trumansburg were well represented.  We ate sugar free key lime pie, cherries and veggie chips along with iced tea, water and soda.  Folks tried out some hand dyed CVM rovings, shared stories, helped each other with questions and the time flew by.

Ruth kept amazing herself with how thin she was spinning a Pixie Batt.  Jan spun some angora/merino on her spindle while Char combed and spun mohair locks she just acquired. Gayle learned how to oil her wheel and Ellen, a fantastic lace knitter was fascinated by all the spinning, sheep and animal talk.  I spun some silk singles, plied some silk with polwarth plus spun up about 2 oz of Panda singles.   All in all a fantastic relaxing destressing day.   I'm looking forward to the next First Saturday in September.


loribird said...

I'm sure it was a blast! I wish I lived close enough to attend...

Sharon Ward (WardMom) said...

I am looking forward to coming next time.