Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 2 of Tour de Fleece

After 2 weeks of spinning everyday I can see my wpi consistency increasing.  That's my goal for this race - to be able to make at least 150 yards of even yarn.  Well not commercially even but enough to satisfy me.

Right now I am spinning some boring undyed merino at 24-28 wpi and doing a good job.  I will see later today when I ply it with this if I have come close to goal.
This being a Novelty Batt.  When I make Pixie Batts I need to clean out the brushing cloth every few batts to make room in there and to change colors.  The gleanings are saved until they weigh about 2 ounces and then put through the carder again resulting in a multi color, multi fiber, very sparkly batt.  Since the fibers change and there are some neps and lots of angelina the diameter of the single varies but I am allowing myself leeway with this one since it should look novelty-ish. I will probably make a Basketweave beret with the yarn.  

My attempt at spinning fingering weight was only partially successful.  The resulting yarn (baby alpaca, merino and unspecified wool) is mostly fingering but it varies way too much for entering into the Troy Fair Show as I had hoped.
I was also hoping to make something out of it for my sister but, alas, the unspecified wool makes it a bit itchy.  DARN!

There are also now 2 skeins of Blymey (376 and 352 yards) in heavy fingering weight yarn.  Still not sure what I am going to do with it.  My thoughts go from a sweater to part of a sweater to learning to weave to forgetting it all for a while.  And then my knitting ADD takes over and I am ready to start something totally new from more recently spun yarn, like the beret.

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