Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My sister gave me this beautiful soap a few years ago.

  I love it and therefore put it away so it wouldn't get spoiled. Two weeks ago it dawned on me that I was getting very little to no enjoyment from some hand made soap that I couldn't see or touch. Now anyone who uses the bathroom comes out raving about that soap and I get to use it every day.   Thank you Ellen.   Your gifts are always so well thought out.

 A few months ago I committed to making at least one present a month in order to avoid DeNile in November.   I managed to keep to that promise through June, as presents for 3 folks were completed.

Then in July I got distracted by the Knitting for Obama Operation Shower Kit for Joining Forces which is hosting baby showers for military wives all around the country.

  I managed to complete a baby blanket (top right), a pink/purple kick bag and a hat (middle right). The rest were done by 3 other wonderful knitters and shipped to MO on the 20th of July.   Technically I guess those are presents, just not on my Holiday list of to-do's.

So to make up for that a bit I have completed my sister's holiday gift out of hand dyed grey silk and polwarth

and am about halfway (or more) done with her birthday present.  Her day is the 16th so I know I am working against a deadline.  I remember last December when she was opening her gifts and kept asking where the socks were.  Well this time a pair will be in the box, myveryownsister.  The hope is the box will be on time.  I am not promising that yet but it will be close.

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