Sunday, August 8, 2010


What with needing to stick around to make sure the Baz stayed relatively quiet -- how come dogs seem to bounce right back from surgery while humans need to be iv'd and kept in bed, etc?  ---  was given his meds 3 times a day and kept an eye and hand on the pressure bandages I did not go far last week.

Plus the temps were awful for up here.  90's with high humidity, so we hung out in the AC'd shop a whole lot, then moved into the house in the evenings. I didn't want him going up or down steps too often so I slept on the couch. Also the bedroom upstairs was almost stifling with only a ceiling fan to move the humid air around.   To put it more accurately, Bazel shared the couch with me.  By the 4th night I was very scrunched up as he stretched out more each day.  I guess he was feeling better but I was getting cramped.  I was really glad when the temps went down to low 70's in the daytime and 50's at night plus Jim came home and offered to take a night on the couch.

However I have diverted from my original idea here.   On mornings that it is not already 80 by 8, Baz and I go out on the deck to enjoy some rays.   Basel lies on his bench, next to whatever stuffed toy he has decided to bring out (today it's his Rhode Island lobster), resting his head on the slats and enjoying the smells.

I get to watch the buns chomping down on apple branches, berry bush canes, rose canes, wild grape vines, dandelion leaves and anything else I can find to pick or cut on my early walk.

Sometimes a hummingbird comes to the feeder hanging near to the nifty upside down tomato planter, but they are too fast for me to photograph.

I usually intend to stay out there for maybe 15 minutes enjoying the views, getting some Vitamin D

and relaxing.  Often when I go back inside, well more than half an hour has passed in pleasant knitting.

Here's a sneak preview of Berry Pie Socks in 2 Knit Picks yarns, Stroll and Palette, (some previous Sock Hop members may recognize the name and pattern).  It should be up on my IDP Knit Picks pages with the Sea Shell Socks, Linear Shawl and Butterfly & Kisses Legwarmers in a couple of weeks.

Maybe its because I enjoy the knitting, maybe the peacefulness and comforting animal vibes, whatever, very few other places satisfy my inner calm like this one.


Denise said...

Glad to hear he is getting better.

Susan said...

ooo pie socks, can you tell I have been on a diet for 5 months. This may be one way of satisfying my pie Very cute!
Me thinks, with a view like that, I would be out there more than 15 min.

Rose said...

Basel looks like he's doing great, and like he's trying very hard to take advantage of the situation - as he well should! Glad the heat broke for you, what a lovely area you live in. Despite the weather!