Thursday, August 19, 2010

Did it in ONE

A couple of weeks ago one of my shawl designs was accepted by Knit Picks.  Last week they sent me the yarn and this week I have made time and space to begin the process.  One of the things I like about knitting one of my patterns for the IDP program is that I get to look the pattern over with an eye for making it even smoother and clearer.  This one is no exception.
AAMOF this will be my first time knitting it.   When I designed A Star is Worn, 2 years ago, I mostly knit swatches and then Ruth A. patiently worked it up for me, asking questions and giving me great feedback.

As suggested right on the first page, one is to knit a swatch.  ARGGGGG!!!  Dreaded things that they are I followed instructions.
And got gauge!  Wow first try and spot on!

Now that I have to knit the entire thing I can see where the pattern can use some cleaning up and simplifying which I spent the entire afternoon on today.

   Let me explain the rationale on this shawl a bit.  It is a Faroese style in fingering yarn so a triangular piece.  I decided to start the shawl from the largest amount of stitches, going to the least, because at the beginning of any project I have lots of enthusiasm but by the time it gets to the ho hum stage I have to find reasons or rewards to keep me going. Shorter rows are definitely a plus when the doldrums are threatening. There must be other knitters who have similar traits so I went ahead with the idea.

 So now it was time to cast on.  414 stitches are called for in the cast on.  I expected to have to rip out that row at least once in order to make a long enough tail to last that long. That's normal for me. However I sorta know how long it should be for 50 stitches so I estimated for 425ish.

AND would you believe it --------  I did it in ONE. 
Look at that tail.  I could have cast on another 15 stitches, at least.


Heathwitch said...

Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the shawl :-)

Kim said...

WOW, Congratulations! The stars must be aligned with you getting it on the first try, that hardly ever happens for me ; )