Saturday, February 7, 2009


The other evening Jim came home and asked if I had any idea what dinner might be?  I told him I had a hankering for a hamburger and fries. "OK," he said, "where shall we go?"

Jim makes about 75% of our dinners.  You many not know that in a previous life, before teaching, before free lance illustrating, I was a cook.  I cooked at Moosewood  for 2 years and then at Cornell fraternities and sororities for a few years until the illustrating got going.  Once I began teaching, cooking slowly took a back seat.  Jim took over the dinner prep and I cooked more in the summer.  I love to cook, and to eat, all kinds of foods and enjoy tasting and trying out dishes from around the world. I prefer shrimp, casserole and vegetarian recipes.  Jim is a more meat and potatoes kind of cook, although his winter stews are hearty and delicious.

Since retredding from teaching into fiber artist/knitwear designer I seem to have realigned my interest in cooking into an eating fascination, which is easily seen in my figure.  I also work long strange hours resulting, if left alone, to odd eating times.  So my contribution to dinner frequently has become bringing home ready mades from Wegman's or to treat us to a bite to eat out.

While we were deciding where to have a hamburger, I realized I had no sock knitting to take along.  The last pair had been completed and no new ones started as I was so preoccupied with the Shawl Collared Vest.   

"Um, Jim, I can't go out."
"Huh?  Why not?
"Well, I don't have social knitting to take with me and don't have a skein balled up ready to go."
"What were you going to make next?"
"Socks for Matt (my son).", I said hesitatingly and showed him the skein with the newest colorway, Twilight.
"OK.  I will go up to the shop and get the equipment ready."

I then ran around collecting needles, a baggie and myself.  Gave Basel and Sparkles good bye Greenies and headed up to the shop. By the time I got there Jim had the Beka Swift set up and the ball winder ready to go.  In just a few minutes there was a nice cake of yarn and we were in Jim's car headed into town.

At the restaurant I got to cast on and start the cuff ribbing, satisfying that urge many of us have to knit whenever we are idle.

Jim gets the "Most Understanding DH Award of the week."



Susan, It sounds like you have a Sweetie to call your own, too! Aren't they wonderful?

Ruth said...

What a sweetie!

Ruth said...

I realize my previous comment showed appreciation for Jim, but your post also mentions your impressive set of careers and talents! Wow! You are like a cat with nine amazing lives. When I was growing up in the UK, I had never heard of Cornell but we all knew about the Moosewood restaurant!

Faith said...

Wow, full props to your husband! Very cool. :)