Thursday, January 29, 2009

White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

  • Start off by getting all your ingredients together.

We will skip the crust for now.

  • Get the cream cheese mixture all assembled and smoothly beaten.

  • Then add the pink filling to the baked crust.

  • Now add the rest of the creamcheese filling and smooth it in nicely.

  • Next add the cherry topping, carefully spreading it over the entire cake.

  • Don't forget to scrape out the bowls and lick the spatula. nummmmm

  • Place in oven to bake and test for firmness when the bell dings.

  • Remove from oven and let cool.

  • Here's your cake batt ready for you.


Coming soon to a mailbox near you.


mary said...

Brilliant post! It sure does look good enough to eat.


Just Beautiful!

(Pssst - Fuzzarelly is feeling better and in her shop today! Maybe she will send you something next week, even.)

Katie said...

Susan! What a beautiful post! It really does look good enough to eat. I love the way you did the instructions.

Morandia said...

beautiful! You make me want to go try carding again!

Yarn Tails said...

Yummy! I got mine today and Its great!!

catsmum said...

very valentine appropriate !