Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have an addictive personality.   Cigarettes were inhaled from age 15 to 24 when I gave them up while I was pregnant.  It was a struggle for over a year to stay away from cigs.  Now that we know so much more about the damage they do I am very glad I quit.

However cigarettes were exchanged for food.  Once that tobacco metabolic enhancer was out of my system and not taking up possible eating time, well.....  Let's just say I keep losing and finding the same pounds over and over again.

Knitting can also be addictive, as can spinning.  These, by comparison, seem to be rather healthy ones. They also cut down on possible eating time.  Mostly this is controlled addiction.  I take the knitting everywhere but it is not usually an obsession (at least I don't think so). Then along came the Sipalu Bag.

I was warned, but until the lovely thing had a real hold on me I was in Egypt.  Now I have to ration my time with it or I get nothing done.  It is used as a carrot.  It is used as a reward.  One round or one row.  That's it.   Well..... I try to make it only one but you see this is just like trying to eat only one potato chip.

The laundry is not done.  I am behind on dyeing.  The dishwasher needs to be turned on.  The shop needs to be put back to rights after its Roc Day outing.  But the Sipalu, it continues to grow.

I have even tried to distract myself by starting another simpler project but just cannot get past looking at patterns and stash.

No matter, the Sipalu has a life of its own.  This is not social knitting. It needs complete concentration or a stitch in the chart is missed. Now that the second front has been begun (or is it the back?) I am wondering what I will do without it. Will I have withdrawal problems?  Can it be replaced with something not quite so all consuming?


Katie said...

That is sooo beautiful! I love the way you blended in your own handspun with the yarn you were given! Score for the addictive personalities.


It's rather like slowing down, rationing out pages, near the end of a very good book, isn't it? One doesn't want it to end. Ever.