Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Before and After

My dye studio was closed for over a week so that it could be modernized and made more useful. Major thanks to Jim and Wai Lin for all their hard work.  I owe Jim big time as his least favorite job is plumbing and this renovation entailed a lot of crawling around under potentially wet things.

We can start with the sink which was the impetus for the whole idea.  For years now I have been dyeing in pots in the studio but then needed to take the pot full of water, dye and fiber/yarn out of that room, through the front hall, up a step and over to the kitchen sink.  

The kitchen sink began to have a patina of rose instead of shining white porcelain. The kitchen floor had drips that needing wiping up and I got rather tired carrying the pots back and forth at the very least full of water.
Now there is a dedicated dyeing sink IN the dye studio. Clever idea, huh? Only took us 3 years to figure that one out.

While we were in there I decided we might as well make the whole thing more efficient. A major portion of the floor space was taken up with an old drafting table. A wonderful drafting table that served me well for over 25 years but was now just being a table. That whole story we will save for another day as it is a Yarn Harlot moment in and of itself. For today, know that it is no longer in that room.

Now the dyes that used to look like this

Look like this.

The drying rack that used to look like this.

Now looks like this.

and see all that nice storage space on the rolling shelves?  Cool huh?

And the weighing station has also undergone some change.

All in all I am one very happy camper.  The room feels larger, is better organized and is definitely easier to get around in and use.  Best of all is no more walking back and forth to the kitchen.  I am so excited I want to give tours.


rebecca jc said...

Beautiful, I'm jealous.

Jasmin said...

This is stunning. I am SO sending my husband the link to today's blog...

TJ said...

I just love having a workspace that's set up perfectly for the work I'm actually doing in it. That all looks so wonderful. I wonder how much more efficient your process will be!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Susan! I can't wait to see it in person.


Faith said...

Congratulations on your new studio!