Monday, December 29, 2008

Well Received

We do Christmas and Jim's birthday presents together on December 26th. This year instead of having Inge and the grands here, we were invited to her house. This meant, on reflection, that I only made one eating item for this holiday. I am not complaining.

Inge made us waffles, bacon, pressed coffee (num) and a green jello cake that Jim's mom always made for him for his birthdays. I supplied  White Rabbit Salad from the original Moosewood Cookbook.

After we were full, the packages were distributed by Amelia and Tucker. We go around from youngest to oldest opening each one, giving it its due, ooohing on the item until they are all opened.
I am just going to document the presents from my holiday knitting/sewing list.

Amelia is the youngest.
I waited until she had most of hers before snapping this one. The Calorimetry hat and Bolero sweater went on immediately and did not come off again until bed time. (She is cutting off some plastic from her new English rider doll.)  Near the bottom of this photo is a smidge of Inge's new humbug bag, already stuffed with knitting. 

 Amelia is in love with horses. Takes riding lessons and will now have more sweet horsey dreams.
Tucker's eyes went wide as he opened his mittens package. They also went on and stayed on for several hours, despite the fact that we were inside the whole time.

Next was Inge's hat. The yarn was hand spun from my Roses for You colorway in alpaca/merino/silk.

Jim's mittens, although not officially on THE LIST were completed after brunch. He says he is sure they are warm but declined to wear them indoors.

And on the kitty front, from Rhode Island:
I will tell the truth. Max has not yet deigned to lie down in either bed he was given. This is a photoshopped pic of him superimposed into one just so we could imagine the scene.  

My goodies will be posted tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Your family is SO lucky! I love Amelias's gifts AND those 'lis' mittens!! I still have yet to spin up my Roses to You roving and would be curious to know what pattern you used for Inge's hat! Have a blessed and happy 2009! Maggie

Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

Hi Maggie,
The hat uses a simple k2, p2 ribbing for 2 inches, stockinette for 5 and then decreases every other row. The flowers are crocheted.