Wednesday, December 24, 2008

10:04am, 12/24

is when I completed the last present for 2008.

Last year I was still knitting Tucker’s Sweater on Christmas Day. When I evaluated the hand made gifts season I was not pleased with the rush for production, the tight feelings, nor the amount of Netflix DVD’s watched into the wee hours. I reminded myself to do fewer items and in a different order for 2008.

This year I started with the largest present, Amelia’s Bolero, and then proceeded to make items in the order in which they needed to be either sent out or gifted. I also replaced the DVD’s with Audible books. Cathy gifted me with a silver Nano a few months ago. I am not a big music listener but do like books on CD, so Audible was the perfect thing to have to be able to download into my iPod. I even got it a set of speakers.

That’s a whole story unto itself as most of the speakers I encountered as we walked from Best Buy to Target at the other end of the mall and back again, were over $100 and 20 times larger than the Nano. I could not reconcile myself to enormous for such a little thing, nor did I want another radio. However after extensive listening we found the smaller speakers to be tinny. Finally, at Radio Shack, mid mall, a nice set of Memorex speakers were on sale (sans radio) so came home with me. Now I can sit at the dining room table and comfortably knit and listen. If Jim is watching football then I just use the earbuds. Knitting while listening to good books goes way fast and is so pleasant. Being a multitasker must have something to do with it too.

Completed this year:
• 4 Humbug bags—sewn rather than knit.  They are perfect project bags.
These are the last two with the first two already gifted as Chanukah presents.

• 1 pair of socks for Jim, although I am not sure if they still count as they were intended for Christmas but then I gave them to him for a wedding present.
• 1 watch cap
* 4 pillow cases- sewn
• 4 Calorimetries
• 1 Bolero sweater
• 2 thrummed mittens-- the very last to get done.

• 2 cat beds
• 1 Showl
• 1 bunny named Orchid as a gift to me

Others certainly have done more. I have in years past, but reason actually prevailed this year leaving me feeling rather light and well. Now there is time to spin again. I feel so light I already started knitting a pair of utilitarian mittens for Jim out of some of his early handspun. These are certainly not on the present list so can be done at leisure and for process.

Wishing you all completed projects and a great holiday.

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