Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The week before

Here’s the list for wedding prep. I think we are doing quite well.

• Make batts √
• Spin and ply batts √
• Cathy knits √
Dye shawl in Fern
• Block shawl √
• Tuck in yarn ends.

• After looking in how many stores I finally found an Eileen Fisher pants and top in Eggplant at Fibers & Fantasy! √
• Pick up top after alterations are done √
• Shoes √ which I thought would be the hardest part was the easiest. At Cobbler’s Cottage, right in the window, was pair of 2” heels in fern flowers and reddish brown trim.
How perfect is that?
• Do nails
• Hair appointment

• Meet with the priest. √
• Meet with the priest for last minute stuff. √
• Rehearsal
• Flowers not chosen but colors chosen and left to them to choose. √
• Bring license.

• Make reservations. √
• Confirm reservations.

• Socks knit and presented to Jim. √
Slacks √ maybe
• Vest
• Shoes √

I keep thinking that there must be more but we are keeping this so KISS that this may just be IT.

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WoolyWorm said...

Wedding!? I must have missed this. When, where, who?
Penny in Kentucky