Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady

What a weekend!  It felt like one big party from Thursday evening, when my son and grands arrived from California, through Sunday afternoon when they headed back up to Syracuse and their flights west.

Matt's flight arrived in Syracuse about 6:50 pm, so after getting the rental car, luggage and really speeding cruising the 60 miles to Ithaca we greeted them at about 8:20.  We arranged to meet at Wegman's as that was the easiest place to find that would have a good variety of food.   What a pleasure to see and talk with my son and his growing children, Alicia, 14 and Andrew, 6.
After running around Wegman's picking up breakfast items and playing cards I led them up the hill to my friend Gail's house just below Cornell.  Gail was about to fly to FL for her niece's wedding so generously invited Matt and kids to bunk in her eclectic century old home.

Friday dawned a bit rainy but cleared up nicely.  I had my hair done by my favorite stylist Michaela and then, of course, mosied over to Fontana's for my shoe fix. ( In honor of this special occasion I allowed myself to purchase TWO pairs.)

 Jim and I met Matt and kids down the hill for lunch at Collegetown Bagels on Aurora Street where we not only ate but introduced Andrew to chess.  Matt particularly wanted to eat there so the kids could taste real bagels.  He indulged in a nice big one with lox and cream cheese.

  Afterwards we played at Stewart Park

until the rehearsal at 4.

Phil, the priest at St John's Episcopal Church, is very funny and kept our small group amused and on track during rehearsal. I was so nervous I needed to be prompted to say "I will".

Right at the end of rehearsal my very own sister, Ellen, who drove in from Rhode Island, walked into the church completing the family gathering. (I have noticed that she cleverly left herself out of all photos--tsk tsk)

We then made a car parade up the west side of Cayuga Lake, past Trumansburg, to the Woodland Roadhouse for our Rehearsal Dinner. Our table of 9 had a great time and the newly introduced cousins ( Jim's daughter, Inge's 2 - Tucker and Amelia) got along amazingly well. While we were trying to choose between all the scrumptious desserts Jim asked if maybe we would rather have fresh ice cream. Our favorite ice cream shop, Cayuga Lake Creamery,  is merely another 10 miles up the lake so off our car parade went for more fun.
l->r: Tucker, Inge, Jim, Andrew, Alicia, my back, Amelia and Matt.  Ellen took the picture.

OK - fast forward to Saturday morning.  Jim and I kept ourselves mightily in check with wedding preparations. We tried not to go overboard and were very happy to delegate responsibilities so we could enjoy ourselves. Jim dropped me at my sister's motel so she could do my make up and check out my nails. I actually had been practicing doing my nails for a month. Ellen pronounced them acceptable. I was very pleased with myself.

Cathy had delivered the knitted shawl a week earlier. It was dyed, blocked with ends tucked in and went to the church with Jim. Cathy met me there to place the shawl exactly so over my soft velvet outfit. I kept showing everyone my shoes. (Now to find more things to wear with them.)

We got a bit nervous, but everyone invited arrived on time so we started on time. For Ithaca that is a rare event.

We kept it a small gathering.
And I remembered my lines.

Our long time friends, Pam and David Monk did the readings, mine from Maya Angelou and Jim's from Ecclesiastes.
Amelia and Alicia were the ring bearers.  They sat in the first pew on both sides of the aisle and remembered their cues.  They were so excited though that they moved rather quickly both to take the blue boxes up to Phil and returning to their seats.

Having my son with us was so special.  Matt and Inge each signed as witnesses for us.  My sister gave each person hand folded golden butterflies which they tossed at us as we walked by after the service.

We all then drove to the other side of town to the Boatyard Grill which is situated right smack in the Inlet of Cayuga Lake.

We reserved the Prow Room where my very own sister had decorated the tables with hand folded cranes in purples and greens.  She gave each guest small fabric lined boxes of purple and green MnM's saying, "Finally!", "Jim and Susan", "November 8, 2008" and "Joy!".

Again, thanks to each and every one of our dear friends and relatives who helped make our wedding such a fantastically wonderful day.

Inge's special friend, Joseph, played soft guitar music while we all visited, laughed and enjoyed ourselves.

And the kids walked and played outside on the peninsula.



You Wild and Crazy kids, you!

Wishing you all the best - or, maybe - more of the best!

Very lovely!

elsie deluxe said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You look fabulous. Looks like you all really did it up right.