Friday, November 28, 2008

How Do I Love Thee?

Maybe its because I am coming off the Bolero. Maybe it is just the season, but I am finding the Mini Bulky Showl  (shawl and stole combined) extremely satisfying and delightful to knit and wear.
(and yes, a pin would look better than a 5" dpn)
I started it on Wednesday evening at Knit kNight in Denim corrie singles and completed it Thursday evening.  How fast is that?  ONE skein, a single #11 (8mm) circ, two evenings and now I can put a check mark by my mother's name on the gift list.  This is getting scary.  It's not even December and already there are two check marks.

My name is on this pattern as a co-designer but really, Cathy did the hard parts.  Me, I merely had the idea and helped put Cathy's notes into usable paper format.  Cathy really did all the figuring, draft knitting and thinking.

Look at this collar.  It is ingenious.  The way Cathy has this happening allows the Showl to relax on any shoulder and follow the lines of the person wearing it.

Now who else can I knit this for?

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Silver said...

Is that like a tube to hide rabbits in?