Saturday, August 30, 2008

What am I up to?

I apogize for not blogging more often lately. Besides dyeing, rinsing, soaking, hanging, dyeing dyeing, skeining, reskeining, etc  I have made time for a few other items to keep myself from going nuts getting ready for Hemlock.
Just so you have the truth and do not pity me too much, I do have help.  Muchas gracias to Cathy C and Jim for all your skeining and reskeining time.

The EZ Mobius vest is coming along nicely. It is an easy knit with short rows shaping the front sections. I am almost done with one front, maybe another 3 inches as EZ says to make it 2 inches longer on the short row side than the back.  Can you see on the lower right where the color is more violet?  That is where I am now at.

Some dyed cultivated silk is just waiting to be spun to use for the I-cord borders.

My mother's sweater is going v  e  r  y   s  l  o  w  l  y.   I started it when I needed an item that could be done socially. Now there are several of those.   3 more ridges of 5 rows each will bring me to the arms. And then, joy, I get to add a zillion stitches for several inches before separating for the fronts.

Ahhhh. Mystery Shawl 10 is amazing. I am dyeing a lot of yarn for that one. If you haven't checked out the offering from Goddess Knits, please hurry as only orders received by 9/1 will be guaranteed to arrive by 9/13.  The shawl itself is open until 9/20 so if you don't mind starting late I can get to your yarn after Hemlock.
Meet the all out favorite MS10 color ---Black Cherry

and tied for second place are Fern

and Morning Mist.

To add to the stew I made a new colorway--Abalone -- and then started a vest of my own design with it. Here is the swatch. Doesn't show the colorway all that well but the vest is certainly coming along. The goal is to have it ready by Hemlock. Think I am overextending a bit?

And just so you don't think this is all about me.  I was notified that a friend has a rare liver cancer, was asked to knit a square to be included in a comfort afghan for her, then spent an evening and a morning making sure this was ready to be mailed.  It's done in Leaves Panda as a modular square with some silliness in the last square inch and down the diagonal.

Saving the best for last.   I now have a Patrick Green Supercarder!!!!!!  Thank you Bob for pushing me to get one.   So when I have a few spare minutes I have been making Pixie Batts for y'all.   This new toy is seriously cutting into my knitting time.   


Silver said...

Oooo! Big Machine. That Supercarder. Can I send you my evil stepsister to get carded? The mean one. Not the one that plays tag with rabbits.

Silver said...

I will tell Ankles to get me some basil. She gave me chicory yesterday. It took me a long time to decid to eat it. It was good.