Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Working with the Supercarder is making magic. Of course it needs careful usage but once you know what to do and have practiced a bunch you can make some fantastic batts.

First--give over an entire section of your living room and purchase a shop vac for decorative addition.  

2--Measure out some fiber.  Next spread out a bit more to choose just how the fibers are going to be carded.

3-- Stand square in front of the carder at the No Fingers end and turn it on.

4-- Separate out some fiber and let it feed into the rollers.

5-- Watch those fingers!!!

6-- Make nice to the biggest drum.

7-- Now that the carder  knows what it is being fed it will be rather hungry.  Keep feeding a little at a time.

8-- It's mouth will be continually open like a baby bird.  Keep feeding.

more more more

Don't forget to make nice occasionally.  ( in the background is a basket of preweighed fibers waiting their turn.)

Lookin' good huh?  (angelina is on the right.)  Done feeding?  Shut it off.

OK now for the big time!  
9--CAREFULLY break the circle remembering to be nice to the machine.

and 10--lift the batt as a whole piece off the large drum.  Sometimes the drum is still greedy so being especially nice will encourage it to release the entire batt.

11--fold and admire.

12-- band, admire

13-15--clean (drums, under drums, table top, under the table.  Bits of fluff get everywhere).

Major magic time.  Pixies are slowly being added to the Pixie Batt webpage.  So far we have some nice alpaca/bfl ones ready to go.


loribird said...

WANT!!1! (The batts and the drumcarder...) That really looks like fun!

Kim said...

beautiful! I had the pleasure of seeing this in-person earlier this year and it made me want one!

Silver said...

As The Bunny Spins is good. Lots of action. A chewing machine, very good. But no rabbit. rabbit.