Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tour de Fleece Update

I started spinning specifically to work with angora.  I was laughed at.  I was told bunny was a very difficult fiber.  However bunny was my carrot.  Combed bunny was ordered and sat in front of me waiting for my spindling skills to catch up with my desires.  3 months into my spinning career I was making angora singles on a plastic spindle.  Not great singles, not consistant singles, but most of it stuck together enough for me to make a pair of baby booties a few months later.  Definitely beginner stuff but definitely satisfying.

I have lots of SmokeyBlue combings which have been barely used.  They are being saved for something special.  I am guessing that moment will be obvious when it shows up. Meanwhile I am working with some of Fuzzarelly's clipped English Angora blended batts.  Pure heaven to spin.  (And soon to be available on my website.)

So far I am not keeping up with the plan to have all this spun by the 27th. Only 2 bobbins filled with about 28wpi of heavenly stuff.  The heat has stopped me several times, plus I was away in Letchworth last weekend (more on that another day).   The All Star game this week was a great opportunity to spin a bunch as it was a pitcher's game which bores me no end. This morning's spin from 7 to about 8:30 was very productive before the steam bath out there got too severe. Hopefully more tonight.

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