Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tour de Fleece- Sunday Morning

Yesterday I was overwhelmed.  Yesterday I had a list of things to do that would not stop: reskein for the July Sock Hop plus do labels, print patterns, etc to get it out early this week as July is almost over; work on the Sept sock pattern as it needs to go to Bonnie by the end of this week; plus the regular stuff like dyeing and shipping and shopping for groceries.  And I had over 2 ounces of the Fuzzarelly batts still to go.  I am not in the Yarn Harlot's League so my spinning is slower and my challenge smaller. 12 ounces at 28-30 wpi.  singles- no plying in this Tour.

When I commit to something I feel I have given my word and do not go back on it.  I make that deadline a priority.  However this time I just could not see turning spinning into a 'have to' task.  I love spinning for its relaxation and process.  Then I realized that I would not be letting anyone else down if I did not even get the Red Lantern, let alone a virtual yellow shirt. Even though I am important, my sanity is more so.  This is a new concept for me.  Marathon completion is usually the norm.  After waffling a bit yesterday afternoon I made the decision to let go of the Challenge.  Instant relief.  WOW!!!!  Breathing space immediately opened up.

Time expanded.  I completed all the reskeining and labels by 8 pm.  That felt so good I read a chapter in a book then decided to spin more Fuzzarelly (BTW Fuzz batts will soon be available through my website---stayed tuned).  By 10 pm there were only 1.75 ounces left.  Single treadle wheels get one leg way tired for me so last night I attempted having my feet take turns on the treadle.  A novel idea that works well although I am missing my Baynes big time.  That's another incentive to get this part completed.  The other singles to be plied with the Fuzz are scheduled to be spun on Betty B.

This morning I continued spinning before the heat and humidity got too high so now there is only ONE ounce left.

 Whaddya think?  This just may be doable.


Kim said...

oh, your spinning is incredible!

Jenger said...

OOOOHHHHH, that is so pretty. I may have to look at buying some stuff for the Gigi Pattern in the new Knitty for my daughter. YIPPIE, Inspiration.

rebecca jc said...

You are so funny. I thought you were letting the challenge go, but no, you are still making the effort. But, anyway the yarn is beautiful. You go girl.

LDSVenus said...

The Fuzzarelly batt is beautiful and so is the yarn you are spinning, it even looks luxuriously soft!! I have a Baynes and I love mine too. :)