Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Le Tour de Fleece compléta!

At 10:02pm, Sunday evening the last bit of the Fuzz batt was spun.  Definitely surprised myself at how letting go of something opened up time.  I do not think I qualified for the Rouge Lanterne as there were still 118 minutes to go but across the finish line at the back of the pack is still fine with me.  

This completion so energized me that at 2 in the am I was wide awake ready to start spinning black cherry bfl.  It's been a long time since I was this excited about spinning.  I delightfully played about 1.5 ounces before going back to bed.  In the morning another ounce was magically completed.  "OK wait a minute.", I said to myself.  "How come you just spun 2.5 ounces in no time while it took 3 weeks to spin 12?"  Hmmnnn and then it hit me.  I was getting ready for and did work 2 Fiber Festivals.  Gee ya think that cut in to my spinning time any?  sheesh!!  One of these days I will start giving myself a break.

By Tuesday morning I had a whole bobbin of black cherry ready to set.

The plan is to make EZ' Mobius Vest in stockinette.  She did it in garter and heavy weight yarns for outdoor wear but I want it for winter indoor use.  And today I have not only 2 empty bobbins, but some 10 wpi plied yarn and a swatch too. I am definitely wearing a halo for the swatch.  The swatch was started with size 10 needles as I want the angora to be able to bloom but I really think the fabric is a bit too open. Then I got out the size 9 dpns, worked 1.5 inches and measured. I couldn't find any difference really. Odd. Did I unconsciously knit looser? No. Then I noticed that a size 10 was holding the stitches. Sheesh. I did that area with one 10 and one 9. No wonder. Yup,  I frogged those 1.5 inches. Who ever heard of frogging a swatch? but 1.5 inches is really nothing on  a swatch.  After the size 9 area was completed I still thought the fabric looked loose. So another section was knit with #8's. This one does look better. Whaddya think?


Jenger said...

OMG, that is so beautiful. I love to carry stuff around in the bag I bought during last years Tout De Fleece. I cannot even remember what I spun, but I think I have it to a person in need of prettiful things. Hugs babe.

Lizabeth said...

I like the look of the #8 needle, but I do tend to like relatively dense knitting. Is this a two-ply? I've been wanting to knit that vest for my husband for years.... can't wait to see how yours turns out.

monica aka gloria patre said...

You are living my dream - running a fiber business! I SO love your color combinations! One day when I win the lottery I'll buy 2 of everything you have in stock! LOL!! Until then I guess I'll sit with my nose pressed against the glass drooling! sigh!
Your spinning is gorgeous!