Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Plying My Trade

When Audrey L. taught me to spin, and then loaned me her wheel so I could practice, she told me that all one ever needed was 3 bobbins. No more, no less. At the time I didn’t get it but over the course of those 5 weeks her Louet bobbins sure did fill up with beginner bulky yarn. Louet bobbins hold 8+ ounces so maybe that was why she had only 3 after many years with the same wheel. All I know is I bought her another bobbin as a present when the wheel was returned. Those few weeks taught me a whole lot about spinning. One of them being that I am not a 3-bobbin kind of gal.

I am planning a cardigan of my own design. The colors to be spun and mostly which fibers will be used have been decided. Now that SmokeyBlue is not going after basket reeds (well at least in this reality) I decided to dedicate one of many pretty baskets to this project. It could even sit by my chair without fear of becoming bunny snacks. So then I proceeded to empty the chosen one of more than several half and full bobbins plus fiber in many varieties and colors waiting their turn at the wheel. It was interesting looking through just one basket to see what I had intended to do. I am so fickle that unless the project gets started right away another may call my attention first.

The next goal was to find some empty bobbins. I mainly spin with a double treadle Baynes but have a cute little Wendy for back up. Jim and I also share a Louet S-15 that is our dedicated plying wheel. I could find several Louet bobbins waiting and ready but only one Wendy was empty and all my Baynes were full or half full too. I do have a problem with plying. I fall asleep. This means unless I really really need the yarn intended, the singles will sit on a bobbin for months. One of the negatives to being a Baynes dealer is my ready access to empty bobbins. Hence the plethora of half and full bobbins of singles sitting in the basket, on the wheel and on a shelf. No more taking bobbins out of stock. No NO NO Soooo

I went on a plying spree this week.
Lookee here.
I have traded several full Louet bobbins for empty, ready to go Wendy and Baynes. And some of the plied yarn is already into center pull balls. You know this actually feels very good. Yarn and more yarn. YES! Various yarns can go into stash or onto the website as many UFO singles were transformed.

Now to tackle that basket.


rebecca jc said...

Excellent job getting all those bobbins emptied. I have six bobbins and that is not nearly enough. They are always full or half full when I need one. Since I like to combine different combinations of yarns when I ply sometimes I haven't decided what I am plying with what so then I don't want to take it off until I have figured that out or have spun something else up to use. I realize that my problem is probably not that I don't have enough bobbins but that even if I had dozens they would still mostly be full. It's making those decisions about what to do with the yarn on them that is the problem.

~ P ~ said...

Susan, Looks like you've been busy plying. By the way I'm still very happy with my Baynes.