Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting Ready

You are all invited to come to our Open House on Saturday and Sunday.  Of course for some of you getting here might prove a bit of a problem but.......

Jim has built a nice 8 by 12 foot deck for the shop and put up railings along the driveway to finish off the work done last year in widening it.  Thank you Jim.

Many perennials and annuals have been planted along the driveway to pretty it up too.  I have been also dyeing up lots of yarn and fiber (with a new color to introduce this weekend) plus trying to organize the food  (including chocolate dipped strawberries) and knitting/spinning activities.  Jim is in charge of the music and the door prizes.  

Tomorrow we will set up the new canopy.  Yes, a new one that is much much heavier but has roof vents plus two awnings that can actually expand its 10 by 10 footprint to 10 by 23.  This one will not bend so easily in the wind and we now have leg weights too.

The grands are here helping Jim with the finishing of the construction and cleanup.  After lunch they will be helping me do the June Fondle This! mailing.  Tucker and Amelia have become quite expert shipping assistants.

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Leah said...

Everything is soo pretty. I wish I could be there for all the fun! What is the new colorway or it a secret?