Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day Trip

Jim and I love to go on day trips together. Jim does the driving with me knitting. He gets to take any road he wants in the general direction we are going and I enjoy the scenery and get lots of knitting done. However I seriously underestimated and finished the latest section of the baby sweater without bringing a darning needle or the green yarn to start the next part or a back up project. Sheesh. I will be fined by the knitting police I am sure. I think I hear the sirens now.

However that little faux pas actually left me with time to just look. At  green  green leaves, green grass, green and yellow mustard. Fields of dandelions in green and yellow. Budding lilacs with some in bloom. Oh those multitudinous spring greens. Hills of new green on trees. I am so happy. And a big Thanks to Jim for driving.

Bass Pro Shops are definitely an experience. So well done for a big box. Rustic furniture, Audobon seeds and bird feeders. Interesting childrens’ toys and games. Every kind of camping gear imaginable. Hunting and fishing too although I only have those sections on Jim’s say so. Lots of reasonably priced casual and camping clothing and shoes too. There may have been more but that did it for me. Oh yes, why did we go? I needed a canopy for the RI Wool and Fiber Festival. Every other show I have done in the last 3 years has had a roof, been inside or had a huge tent for vendors. This is my first truly outdoor show and I certainly don’t want me or the fiber and yarn to get sunstroke. Vending space at this one is 10 by 10 so that is what we were looking for. Also for a canopy that is easy to set up with telescoping legs. Something my sister and I could do early in the morning. I had let my fingers do the walking online and decided Bass Pro Shops would have the best selection for the most reasonable prices (I do not do WalMart).

A guy helped us find the right section. I asked that we be allowed to set one up just to see how ‘easy’ it worked. HA!! We did struggle. It went up only just so far and then seemed stuck. At one point there were 3 of us trying to raise the thing. Of course none of us had even looked at the instructions. I asked and the guy said it wasn’t needed. Ha again! Finally a woman came over who seemed to know more about this, corrected some of what we had done and up the canopy went. The guy had said emphatically when asked that the canopy was 10 by 10 but the woman said, "No, the legs were at 10 feet apart but the canopy was actually 8 by 8". That nixed that one for me ( too bad as it was on sale). We finally settled on another with straight legs so the canopy and footprint matched. However we did not open the one we bought. Jim and I are going to do that this morning. This is how it is supposed to work.

Stay tuned.


Leah said...

I have helped put up more than one of these and the hardest part is pushing the leg up and getting the little buttony thing to pop into the hole to keep the leg in the upright position. Then, there is the thing where when you take it down, you have to fit all that in the sleeve that you took it out of. It can be done, but it is definitely at least a two person endeavor. I hope you still like each other when you are done, LOL.

As for running out of knitting, I usually fear that very thing and bring more than one project. The last week or two has found me somewhere that I ended up having to wait and I had NO knitting with me. Grr...I ended up reviewing my speed dial numbers in my phone and doing a little house cleaning.

Good thing about socks is they don't take up much room, you may want to carry an emergency sock project with you.

Jasmin said...

Watch your fingers- those buttony things bite!

Carla said...

Susan, these are quite easy to put up. My mom has several for camping. And if she can do it, literally by herself with a bad knee and replaced hip, I'm certain someone more spry could manage.
I do agree with Leah, taking it down and fitting it back into the storage sleeve is not. fun. at. all. As well as the biting buttons, but overall, it is pretty easy.

Carla said...

P.S. (whoops forgot to mention in previous comment!) Have a great time in RI. I'd love a recap of the festival when you get home. Unfortunately I can't go this year, but I would have loved to! My brother lives nearby (sort of.. everything in RI is "just up the road") and it would have made a great trip out to visit him and get some fiber treatment at the same time!

Mo said...

Does this canopy vendor also offer sides or walls? You might want to invest in a couple. A cheaper route is to purchase some shower curtains - they should run about the same size as your canopy, or you can use tarps. Just thinking of those rainy/windy days. Been there, done that!