Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gold Star

Last week I was getting ready to send out a large order that needed to be on the other side of the country by the end of the month. No biggie as I thought I had a week to finish the preparations and get it mailed.   Then a friend told me that the end of the month was not next Saturday, but the coming Wednesday. Sheesh. How could I get that far off? Finally I realized I was looking at a MAY calendar but not seeing the word May.  The packages did get shipped out by late Friday so they are in CA now. Whew! However that little misreading also put me about 3 days behind in getting ready to leave for CT and RI.

I will be vending (and mvos will be assisting) at the RI Wool and Fiber Festival on May 17. Plus plans were in the works for visiting my mother in CT for Mother’s Day. With the price of gas the way it is I thought that once I was 4.5 hours east of here that going another 2.5 was certainly less expensive than coming back and going all the way to the Atlantic Ocean 4 days later. But that means being ready for the Festival a whole week early. So having 3 days chopped off my planning time was major.

I solved the problem by making lists. I love lists. Well, what I really love is crossing things off lists. I get such satisfaction from putting a line or 3 through chores that need doing. As a visual person seeing the list get shorter shows me progress while having it all on paper allows my brain to rest from the have to/need to’s that would be spinning around in there endlessly.

Order from Bryson
Order oil bottles
Order control cards
Send out announcements to RI, CT and MA customers
Write a blog
Make dyeing calendar

Forward 800 number to cell phone.
Writing to all about no shipping for 10 days.
Pack yarn, needles, accessories, books, etc for cable sock design
Make drive bands
Pack up shop
remember folding chairs
and I am sure this list will get longer before it gets shorter. But when it is all done I get a

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Rebecca jc said...

I can't live without lists. I totally agree about giving your brain a rest. Otherwise, I'm awake all night thinking about everything I have to do. Have fun at the festival. I hope you do great.