Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Gentleman Rabbit

On Saturday, April 7 at approximately 10:30 am EST SmokeyBlue went back to Source.  His disability took a great deal of his energy so that after 2 years minus 4 days, his body just gave out.  He had made the decision to transition several days before by not eating, but remained his ever-sweet alert self.  He cuddled with Basel and me frequently,  which I believe was his way of saying good bye for now.  We miss his feisty original self very much and still look for him when we are in the living room.  However we know that he is now pain free, hopping on 4 feet and happily cavorting with other rabbits.

One friend wrote:
"I know how much a part of your family (and the business) he has been. Please know I am recalling many fond memories of him nibbling around my feet and scootching across the floor, as he made his journey from room to room. ..."

"He truly was a gentleman rabbit. Now he's chasing the ladies again."

I really do not have the words to fully describe more of what a positive and wonderful role SmokeyBlue played in our family except to refer you to previous posts  -Nature Called  and Pecking Order.

Instead of a word obituary, as he rarely ever made sounds, here are some of his best photographs, although it has been difficult to choose as he was so very photogenic.

At 6 weeks.

Sleeping through his first heat wave (about 3 months old).

SmokeyBlue's favorite season.

In his job as newsletter editor

In his job as box tester.

SmokeyBlue's 15 minutes of fame OR the photograph that was published in the summer issue of Spin Off 2007, p13.

Last summer.

Just a week or so ago snuggling with Baz

Bye buns.


Angie said...

Susan, I'm so very sorry to hear about SmokeyBlue. Please accept my deepest sympathies. Anyone who has taken a pet into their heart and their lives can sympathize with your loss. And in this case, he was so much more than a pet. Your compassion in nursing him through his injury and disability were remarkable, and I know he understood that love. It's nice to think of him able to hop around in a field of lush green grass somewhere. Hugs.

Rebecca jc said...

What a handsome boy he was. I know you will sorely miss his sweet little face. I am so very sad for you.

Julie said...

Susan, thank you for your wonderful stories about Smokey Blue. I'm so sorry his time on earth was cut short.

loribird said...

I'm going to miss Smokey Blue, as I know you will. What a wonderful photo-memorial you've "written" for him though. An amazing, gentleman rabbit indeed.

Anonymous said...

Susan, this was my first trip to your blog as I don't blog very well. I was greatly saddened to learn of Smokey Blue. Please accept my deepest condolences. It was wonderful of you to share him with us and for me, if even it was ever so briefly.


Jenger said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss of SB. I am sure he will live on in your future works and other adventures you have. Peace be with you, hun. Hugs

Faith said...

So sorry about your loss.

Susan said...

I saw a sign in a shop that said "heaven is where all the dogs you've ever loved come to greet you." Maybe we should change it to bunnies. So sorry for your loss.

deirdre said...

Susan, what a lovely tribute to your gentleman, and how very, very sad. I'm all welled up, actually, just knowing how hard it is to lose the companionship of a pet - we've lost bunnies, rats and dogs over the years, so I sympathize completely...

Penny said...

Dear Susan,
I'm so sorry to hear about Smokeyblue! I'm sure he's hopping around heaven looking for the girl bunnies. Your tender care for him made his limited life on earth very happy I'm sure.

Penny in Kentucky

Marianne said...

I had no idea that you had just lost your dear Smokeyblue when I talked to you after I had bought from you on Ebay. I read about his story and was very touched by the way you have taken care of him. I'm so sorry for your loss !

knitncycle said...

Susan, I'm so sorry to hear of Smokeyblue's passing. My thoughts are with you! Alicia