Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pecking Order

I just had to share this with you.  
We all know that bunnies are on the bottom of the food chain. That is why they are so prolific. However, SmokeyBlue has not read Darwin.  His best friend is a Rottweiler. So when we brought home a 3 month old half feral kitten that weighed only 2.5 pounds, SB decided to keep him well trained.
Sparkles, the kitten, has come a long way.   He rarely bites anymore. He can be held for long periods of time and has good manners; at least we don't actually see him on the table or the counters.  He has rid the house of many mice.  He goes in and out the doggie door at will and climbs trees. And at 10 months he weighs over 10 pounds.
Sparkles has been mentored by both a French Angora rabbit and a Rottweiler.  He comes running when he is called by name, he follows us on walks and trots along after Jim to his shop. La Kitten also thinks he should be eating hay and seeds and greens.   He keeps trying them and then spitting them out.  He intently watches SmokeyBlue eating greens hanging from the branches of the Hibiscus bush in the living room, then munches on the branches themselves.  He may be a bit confused but he is one happy kitty.

This morning he watched SB again, casually walked over, drank some water (all 3 drink from SB's water bowl) and then decided to lie down right in front of SB's dish, hay and greens.  He got really comfy too.  Actually looked like he was falling asleep before I snapped the picture.

I told you SmokeyBlue was not the neatest of roommies.

The buns looked at Sparkles for a minute or two and then stuck his nose under the cat and lifted him up.  Once, twice, three times. I was so enthralled that I missed that pic.

Sparkles moved but did not really get the point.

Mr. Blue made sure he understood.

Then proceeded to chow down.

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WoolyWorm said...

That's hysterical! SB sounds so much like Andy. I nearly died laughing one day when Andy was in the kitchen and made Sam, the Springer Spaniel (7X his size) back down. He just kept hopping forward and Sam kept backing up. These bunnies aren't the timid creatures they are portrayed to be.