Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dogi, part 2

I left you last time, on Dogi part 1 Update,  with these words:

“I now feel much better about this project, although it is resulting in being behind in the spinning. I'm looking forward to getting the new fiber rinsed and drying.”

That I did.

Good thing I have 22 years of middle school flexibility and organization behind me.

First Thinking  ---   salmony/salmony; darker/salmony; darker/blues
Second Thinking -- salmony/salmony; darker/salmony; semi/semi; semi/blues

When I really looked at the larger quantity of darker fiber I realized that not only was it a bit murky and softer, but the blue in it was tealish rather than a light blue. Since this color was going to be featured more than the original it seemed prudent to actually put the 4oz of spun blues merino/silk aside and look for another color. Which I reluctantly did.

I checked out all the multi colored merinos and the merino/silks (how convenient to have my own enormous stash umm shop right nearby - VBG) but none had that greenish blue in them. Jim to the rescue again. He looked at the darker singles, disappeared downstairs for a few minutes and came up with a full bobbin of teal Colonial. Perfect! Of course now I needed to rethink the stripes again.

Final Thinking  --- salmony/salmony; semi/darker; semi/salmony; semi/teal

This is a fun vest to work on. It combines social knitting with concentrated knitting very well. The 9 rows of stockinette between the button rows are each 196 stitches long but easy and relaxing. While the 98 button stitch row takes more concentration and definitely much longer to accomplish.

Button/ribbon stitich: Skip 2 sts, insert needle front to back and bring yarn forward creating a new st. Place new stitch on left needle and knit. Slip those 2 skipped sts to right needle and psso with newest st. Pretty isn’t it?, although it reminds me more of ribbon than a button.

I brought this piece to our guild’s retreat a few weekend’s ago to knit on when I was tired of spinning or tired of knitting on the Art Deco sock. I also brought the Hogwarts Sock Swap sock. Certainly you understand that I had to have choices depending on my mood of the moment. The social part of knitting on this vest was so pleasant with talk going on around me yet I could tune out the conversation long enough to work on the ribbon rows too.

That weekend I managed to get as far as the back, which halved the stitches for a while and went oh so fast.

Once home again I added the left front stitches. The measurements look good so far too.

And now I am only about 6 rows from starting the rounding of the left front bottom.

This is a neat pattern. The 10 row sections keep it 'chunked down' so I get to make marks on the pattern I am like a kid when it comes to checking things off. and enjoy the progress as colors change and stripe. Seeing those marks pleases me so. 

This vest is keeping my interest instead of turning into a UFO!  I realize the edging, using almost all ribbon stitch, will take a while but it should be fun too.


Jenger said...

Very beautiful colors. :D

WoolyWorm said...

Your vest looks great! I can't wait to see it finished.

I've been out of town over the weekend so I didn't respond to your comment on my blog right away, sorry. The pattern I used was online at

Hers looks REALLY good. Mine, not so much. I've got enough fabric to make one for me too. If I get my nerve up, I may do it now that I know all the pitfalls.

Honestly, it's not that hard ... I'm just that stupid about sewing.