Sunday, March 2, 2008

Provisional No More Additional

Let me start out today telling you just how wonderful it feels to be standing in sunshine, in almost 30 degree temps, with only a turtle neck and a sweatshirt on instead of a heavy coat.  Oh and for those of you who are literal minded,  I am in jeans and short boots too.  

After this long winter, which I do know is not over, the last 2 weeks were really over the top.  Two weeks ago we had 30ish temps with lots of freezing rain and sleet and wet snow.  Yuck.  Last week we had lots of snow with 5-15 degree temps.  Snow came down and down and down, every day.  Even when they predicted 1-3 we got 7. I have to admit that as much as I love the looks and sound (or lack of sound to be more precise) of snow and don't mind driving in it, by March I have had my fill.  I know better than to get my hopes up yet but today is a reprieve worth celebrating.
See?   Sun, shadows, melting snow and blue sky!  
What more could a warm weather starved girl ask for? 
Hamster Happy Dance!
Oh yes, the purpose of today's blog.
While working on the Dogi vest I was delightfully able to use the Provisional No More method several times.  Today I actually had the opportunity to apply the 'pick up' end of it on the neckband.  It was easy sleezy to pick up the stitches as they were sitting patiently on their cords just waiting for me to take off the end cap and add a needle.  Nice, very nice, as I am someone who really dislikes picking up stitches.  I guess that is why I don't do much Entrelac either, even though I like how it looks.  Oh yes, back to the point.

  When I just went along merrily knitting those held sts I noticed the little ridge on the left actually transferring itself to be under the newly formed stitches.  Black arrows show these on the left.
For socks this may be just fine as commercial socks all have a ridge line by the toes.  However for a vest or something else this ridge line is definitely not acceptable.  I went around a bit with thinking and hemming and hawing, then trying several solutions.  I tried to knit the held st with the ridge stitch but that looked too cumbersome.  Finally I took the stitch off (orange arrow) and picked up the stitch where the white arrow is.  See, it is really under and to the left of the last stitch you knit.  Once that is done, the old stitch seems to just disappear, really, and there is the wanted seamless addition happening.   Look at this picture as it may be clearer to you.  The black curved line I drew shows where the picked up stitch goes after the original one has been let go.
I am adding this bit of not so esoteric information to the original January Provisional No More post but thought that anyone who had printed out that post might want to have this one too.

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Jenger said...

I need to get off of my bum and take a pix of the yard now. We have gone from about 3 ft in the yard and about 4-5 along the street to about 2-3 along the street and 1-2 in the yard with patches of grass. Yippie, Spring is coming.