Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heading East

I learned my lesson on our Day Trip last week.
from left to right--- Hibiscus Antique Lace, needle case and accessories bag, grey bamboo DK for my mother's sweater, blue green blue face leicester singles for the new cable sock, silver SW merino/tencel for socks for mvos, leaves and clematis vine to finish a baby hat to match the Twinkle sweater and more yarn for the Danish Shawl. Certainly enough knitting to get me through 9 days away from my stash supply.
Packing up the car took less time than I had thought with Jim's expert help. All the items were crossed off all the lists and double checked before heading out the door for the last time. I had a nice bouquet for my mother and a package to mail that all needed to fit into the passenger area with my personal stuff, traveling office bags, food necessities and knitting.

You can see a snippit of why the front seat was so crowded. That's a basket of hand dyed cultivated silk on top of some wire baskets.

But I had a bit of a problem getting out of the driveway.
It took some persuasion on Jim's part, but finally me, the SUV and audio book 7 of Harry Potter was able to leave the driveway, roll south and then east through the Catskill Mountains.
over the Hudson River and into Connecticut to my Mom's.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants,  Good News Cafe, for Mother's Day brunch where we ate lovely lobster bisque, onion bundles, crab tortillas, asian spiced chicken wings, coffee sundaes, drank nice wine and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Oh, and we were saying 'fromage' for the camera.

After a few days with Mom in western CT I headed east to the coast

and then a bit north over my favorite bridge into Newport, Rhode Island.
And no, I was not imbibing, but it sure is difficult to take a square picture while driving. Isn't the blue on the bridge with the sky and water just wonderful?
Just a few minutes over the bridge I arrived at mvos's little oasis of peace in Newport.

Yesterday I took a walk to the PO and then headed further down the hill to the wharf area.
More to come on the RI Wool and Fiber Festival, Saturday.  Meanwhile I am knitting, resting and enjoying my visit.

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Leah said...

Driving and taking pictures??? Looks like you had such a good time on Mother's Day.

Basel is a smart dog too! Did he wanna go too or was he saying you weren't going anywhere???