Thursday, April 10, 2014

Knitted Flower

The snow is gone from our yard and the woods.  The pond actually has some water showing and one or two brave daffodils have come up about an inch. Oh and some wood ducks are swimming in a vernal pond, poor dears.  I am declaring this winter over (ducking quickly). Mind you it's not really spring either, maybe mud season, but hey…..

So in honor of this day I worked all morning on a knitted flower.  Many of us have seen some beautiful crocheted flowers and Abigail, who is a crocheting goddess, assures me they aren't hard.  But…….

Plus I'm so addicted to Icords right now that I wanted to make one out of them.

Spring Flower   

With about 20 yds of scrap contrasting or project yarn and appropriate dpns:
We'll make two - 2 stitch tubular traditional Icords of 15" & 13each.

I used DK for the multi and worsted yarn for the pink layer but any yarn will do.

Cast-on 2 sts,
Move/slide stitches to right end of dpn.
The yarn will be on the left, bring it around to the right and knit those two sts. 
Repeat, tugging on the tail after each iteration and making sure the first stitch is relatively tight.

After 15 inches, (Put on some music and the time will fly.)  tie off leaving an 8" tail and make another of 13-14".

Thread a tail into an embroidery needle. Fold the tube back and forth so you have a relatively equal 5 or 6 petal looking object.

Thread the needle through the center folds to hold the petals on each flower in place. 
Do the same with the second tube.

Put the smaller flower layer on top of the larger one.

Thread the two together.  Add a nice bead for a center.
and attach it at will.

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