Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A knitting celebration

A few weeks ago at Knit Knite Rosane showed us the Dreambird Shawl Pattern.  I instantly fell in love with it. It has short rows and colors, what's not to love?  Others liked it but no one else was enamored of it but me and Rosane.  We decided to spin yarn for it so it would be totally unique.

I kept vascillating from one colorway to another without actually settling on any one.  Just couldn't make up my mind.  The pattern calls for some mohair blend for the main part, maybe in a tonal, with color in the feathers of the bird.  Jim volunteered to spin some kid mohair for the project.  ummmmm  so soft.
               Meanwhile I still hadn't made up my mind.

Then a couple weeks ago five of us cleaned out Ruth's stash. It took over 3 hours of sorting, sorting, bagging, identifying, sorting, reminiscing and pricing.  We wound up with 7 large tubs of fiber, spun fiber, started projects, unstarted projects, yarn and accoutrements.

The next weekend we displayed it all at the Black Sheep Garage Sale.  We sold quite a bit, reducing the stash by about 2 tubs.  Of course we also had to have some for ourselves, adding to the very nice total going to Hospice.

I came away with some heavily angelina-ed glitzy batts not made by me, some silk, not dyed by me and other neat items, some actually dyed by me.  I just had to start spinning the batts and fell in love with the rich intense coloring.  AHA!  So that's what I've decided to use for my Dreambird.  Such a fun spin.

I've got about half the batt done so am now spinning the silk as there was way less of that.  The yarn on the left was spindle spun by Ruth.  Might need to ply in some purple silk eventually but think it'll look just fine in the feathering.

Becki took home some tussah silk but I've managed to talk her into letting me have it to ply with the kid mohair.
Does this pic look upside down to you?
Still haven't figured out what color to dye the silk/kid but it'll come.

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