Friday, March 1, 2013

Heirloom Shawl

Sadly, the more design work I get the less I actually am able to share with you publicly as I work on the garment.  However there comes a time, with each one accepted, that it's published and I get to jump up and down and say, "Look!  Look!  Look!"

               I just adore the photography that XRX does for its books and its Magazine. Don't you?.

So I present to you the third design of mine published by Knitters Magazine, in K110 Spring.

Late last night I received this message on Ravelry.

Yowza!  That sure is expensive.  Rick M, at Knitter's, chooses the yarn and sends it to me.  I have no input into the yarn used, the color or any idea how much a skein might cost and haven't even looked it up in the past.  Guess I will now.

I wrote back to her suggesting an alpaca blend in a steely grey might do the trick.  OR maybe a qiviut blend that would merely cost $300. aiyiiiii

I do wonder how I would've felt knowing $600 worth of yarn was in my hands or bag while working on it at home and anywhere I could find a quiet spot, like Panera's in the afternoon. We all know qiviut is expensive but, I guess I never followed through on just how expensive.  Not knowing was better as I might have gotten weird and handled it differently. Maybe sweating with nervousness or guarding it too closely.  The yarn knitted up beautifully, never fraying or giving any trouble and was definitely a pleasure to cuddle and hold.  And in retrospect, a treasure too.

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Monika said...

Your shawl looks wonderful! I lie the color too.